About the Artist

Artist Biography

My name is Ayesha Woibo and I’m a Binhdhi Warra woman and a descendant of the Dhuubi Warra, Dharrba Warra & Guugu Buyun clans of Guugu Yimidhirr people, with connections to Hope Vale & the surrounding area. The story behind the name Gurrngul is a short story as my Great-grandfather had told my mum that I was to be called that name once I was born. I was named after one of my Ancestors, she was a sister to one of our Kings.

I learnt at a young age that nothing empowered me more and brought me strength than learning my culture - I yearned for it and still do. I’ve spent so much time in the presence of my grandfather’s & nannies, on my Old Peoples Country, seeking knowledge, always asking questions. I loved learning about the history, the connection to land & the sacredness of being an Aboriginal woman. I knew through these conversations they were weaving me in into the woman I am today.

An Elder once told me that songs, names and stories are passes down through a spiral, this is to keep our culture strong. I am one of many Gurrnguls’ that have lived, and I won’t be the last.